The Ultimate in Satellite Communications Solutions

The SAGE SatCom focus is on satellite communication solutions that support high linear power, solid state reliability, low power consumption, and compact packaging from linear power levels of 5W and higher. SAGE SatCom’s high power KaBand, Ku Band, and C Band block up converters (BUCs) utilize solid state Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) RF technology to provide industry leading power consumption and compactness.

Customers served by SAGE SatCom include government and military service providers, satellite service providers, mobile operators, energy companies, and satellite news gathering organizations.

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Block Up Converters to Support Ground-Based, Airborne, and Space-Based Applications

Ka Band BUCs

5W to 20W of linear power in a highly compact package. SAGE BUCs support industry standard protocols; the 10W Linear KaBand BUC also supporting Inmarsat GX systems.