REMEC Broadband Wireless Networks has a rich history in the telecommunications market and remains a leader in providing solutions for wireless connectivity.

REMEC Broadband Wireless Networks was formed in August of 2005, funded by the management team and a small group of dedicated private investors. Since then, the company has designed and produced more than 1M radios for OEM customers throughout the world and become one of the leading suppliers of microwave and millimeter wave radios. The REMEC business also grew to include SAGE SatCom, a business arm that provides block-up converters to the satellite communications market.

In 2014, REMEC acquired BridgeWave Communications, with whom REMEC already had a close partnership. This acquisition provided REMEC with access to BridgeWave’s distribution channels and opened new market opportunities for the company. Then, in 2015, REMEC was acquired by Axxcss Wireless. This gave REMEC access to groundbreaking proprietary RF and other wireless technologies, enabling the company to eliminate dependence on third-party, off-the-shelf chipsets and deliver new products unmatched in the market. Today, strengthened by the relationships with Axxcss Wireless and BridgeWave, REMEC serves mobile, carrier, service provider, enterprise, and government customers.